Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ellipse Fitness is my new favorite!

I'm training to be an Ellipse Fitness instructor, and I freaking love it! The workouts are so well put together to accomplish great results, and best of all, it's so much fun! :)

The Brookfied, WI location opened up this week, and the Third Ward location is opening doors in December. I can't wait!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Teaching a NEW group fitness format - Stroke & Pedal

I'm excited to start teaching a new group fitness format that is great for individuals looking to stay in shape for indoor triathlons over the winter, get a jump start on the outdoor tri season, or simply get a great workout on land and sea (well, the pool at the Wauwatosa, WI WAC). The class consists of 30 minutes in the pool with the amazing coach Leah, a former Michigan State University swimmer who is guaranteed to put together an swim workout to get your heart pumping, followed by 45 minutes of intense spinning with yours truly, a beginner triathlete who's not new to spinning, but I'll help you create a nice puddle under your bike getting the heart rate up burning those extra calories you wouldn't from your normal routine on the cardio equipment, with a 15 minutes transition time built in there, and 15 minutes optional post class stretching that I'll lead, since stretching is probably my favorite thing to do anytime anyplace. 

If you're not a WAC member, no worries, you can still sign up. Give the club a call 414.443.500 Class starts Thursday, November 11 and runs for 8 weeks. It's the perfect way to stay on top of your game 
over the holidays. 

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Vegas Baby!

Just got back from an amazing 4 day trip to Vegas...

-stayed at the nicest hotel I've ever stayed in...The Trump
-experienced the OUTRAGEOUS Rehab pool party at the Hard Rock once again
-did a 6 mile run on the strip
-Ms. Bonkowski made the drive from L.A. to see us :) :) :) (haven't seen her since she left almost 2 years ago)
-met up with a few different friends in the area
-obtained quite a bit of FREE booze
-ate some delicious sushi
-lived the life of a ROCKSTAR once again
-lost 5 lbs.
-Saw the original Cirque Du Soleil, Mystere

All in was a magnificent trip!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Day 1 of Blogging

I'm all moved in and slowly, but surely getting everything in it's place in my new apartment on the Milwaukee River.
Work isn't too bad, but it's good to be back in the Midwest. Living in New York City for almost a year was truly a great experience, and I'll miss some things, mostly people, but I knew I'd be happiest back in Milwaukee. I still think it's crazy that I lived in worked in Times Square for 10 months. I actually got use to the subway system.
I'm back at the WAC (Wisconsin Athletic Club) teaching a few times a week, just auditioned for a summer dance scholarship, and got it, so I'll be dancing a lot this summer, as well as hopefully doing a few triathlon's (finally got fitted for a bike this weekend), and continuing my marathon training.

I'm headed to Vegas in 3 days, and am quite excited. I'm hoping luck is on my side this trip!